Buying A Car With Auto Trader

One of the best platforms for buying a car online is, without any doubt, Auto Trader mainly because of a range of tools and search filters available to help users find and buy the best car for their money. If you are also looking to purchase a vehicle from Auto Trader, feel free to use this guide to learn the whole process.

Steps to Buying a Car with Auto Trader:

Since you are here reading the steps to buying a car off of the Auto Trader platform, we will assume that you already know about this platform. If you don’t; it’s basically an online sell and purchase platform for cars. That being said, here are four basic steps to buying your car from Auto Trader:

Car Search:

Once you decide the exact type, model, make and year of vehicle you need, you just have to use the search functionality of the platform to find the exact vehicle. Searching it should bring up the list of exact cars you need.

You can even use the filters provided by the website to narrow down your list to exactly the car you need. You can also choose to search cars from both private sellers and dealers.

Comparing the Cars:

One of the best features of Auto Trader is the side-by-side comparison. You can select several cars of the same model for comparison based on various things like prices, special features, modifications, mileages and more.

You can also view specs and pictures of the cars and check the history report of every car to get an idea f which car offers the best value for the price.


If you are buying from the private seller on the Auto Trader platform, you can call all the sellers that you find within your range or a little bit out of it and start dealing with them. You can make a counteroffer to what they are proposing and see if you can bring the prices down somehow.

You can even negotiate on car transport service if the distance is a lot, like asking them to pay or split transport service fee.

Paying and Financing:

Once you find the right seller with the right price, you now need to make payment, which you can either do hand to hand, or use Escrow for absolute security.

If you are dealing with car dealers, then ask if they have any financing plans available, you might be able to get a car that’s out of your budget using financing options.

Using Car Transport Service for Car Delivery:

Once you have purchased the vehicle, the next thing to do is to transport it to your location. If the car has a very high value or it belongs to luxury, vintage or sports car class then we suggest that you use enclosed car transport for added safety.

A slight scratch or dent on your car can significantly reduce its resale value and you can suffer losses even before getting your hands on the car.

Final Words:

Buying a car from Auto Trader is definitely useful as you can benefit from their range of tools specifically made to help buyers find the best match for their needs.

Just make sure to use a car shipping service provider if the distance from your location and the sellers’ is a few hundred miles or if you are buying a high-end vehicle. Your investment in the car will be protected this way.


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